Guidelines to Make Your Home and Life Handicap Accessible

Sometimes our loved ones are temporary or permanently handicapped and can no longer move around freely which may affect the entire lives. This should communicate a message of adjusting several parts of our lifestyle so that we are able to accommodate the needs of such loved ones. In this page, the guidelines that should be considered in order to make an individual’s home and other aspects of life handicap accessible are discussed briefly.

The ramps should be built where needed as the first step as explained in this website. This is beneficial as an individual can easily exit or enter the home without using the steps. The wheelchair ramp here is beneficial in helping an individual suffering from acute or chronic injury, body fatigue and weakness to navigate the steps easily. It is worth to note that there are areas that will require permits when building ramp on to the house so it is important to check with the government before making any change to the home.

The next thing should be building the railings. The railings help an individual with impaired mobility such that he or she cannot maintain balance or move around to move freely. This is particularly important for the wet floor for it will offer support in any area inside the house. It is advisable to widen the doorways in order to make it easier for a person using a wheelchair or a walker to pass easily in or out of the house. This is a way of creating a larger space for a handicapped individual to be able to navigate and maneuver freely. There is also another consideration of replacing hinges on doors so that they can open comfortably and clear the way for an individual.

Renovating the bathroom is also important in order to prevent an individual from falling and also making it easier for a handicapped individual to get up and down without causing injuries to the body. There is the need of installing a toilet riser in order to protect the individuals back when they lower themselves so that the strain or overexertion can be prevented. It is advisable to have a seat in the bedroom so that their individuals who are not able to keep balance or stand for a period of time can sit while taking a shower.

Redoing the kitchen is important so that the individuals will reach the dishwashers and the drawers easily. The floors made up of hardwood makes it easier for the individuals using a wheelchair, cane, walker or crutches to move freely. It is very crucial to have the vehicles adjusted in a way that they can accommodate these handicapped individuals. There is a consideration of installing a dumbwaiter which makes it easy to move items from one floor to the other without carrying them. There is the need for choosing and placing the furniture properly so that any individual can navigate through the room easily. There is more to be done such as asking for help from the friends or family when dealing with this situation. You can learn more in this article.


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